Proximity DMP & Webtrekk

Webtrekk helps clients increase profits with data-driven marketing, enabling precise targeting and personalised campaigns. The products of Webtrekk include user-centric web and mobile analytics with advanced dashboards. The marketing automation includes programmatic advertising, A/B testing, customer journey analysis, tag integration and more.

Improving personalised campaigns with offline information

By extending the Webtrekk suite with offline events and location-based information companies gain new insights about location-based customer behavior. All offline data is directly integrated into the marketing automation platform.

  • Fully understand online-to-offline behavior
  • Marketing automation enriched with point-of-sales interactions
  • Measure customer lifetime values
  • Insights into offline customer journeys
Alexander Krull
Vice President Global Sales

We are known for our especially accurate and flexible data analytics based on user-centric evaluation of all online channels and activities. Therefore it was important to us to find an innovative partner, who could support the strategic orientation of Webtrekk products and our customers’ goals. The cooperation with Square Metrics enables us to enhance our customer journey and user insight analytics with data from the Proximity DMP. The optimized analytics such as purchase probability, user path, and product interest are now collected from online and offline data and can be used for budget allocation and marketing control.