Proximity DMP &

Soon your customers will be able to interconnect with any place and any object in the physical world. Verifone payment terminals are ideal devices for digital enhancement, because they are the center of every customer interaction in the commercial space. Leverage the opportunity to interact with your customers via their smartphone.

A card terminal with beacon technology

The interaction between the terminal and smartphone app generates data, that is processed by the Proximity DMP. This enables you to analyze the effectiveness of online and mobile ad campaigns.

Fast and easy retrofitting

Permanent power supply

No maintenance required

Approved security

Already embedded in the Engage terminals series

Infographics: Verifone Card Terminal with Integrated Beacons + Customer's Smartphone = Mobile Moments

Verifone card terminal with integrated Bluetooth sensor, allows to interact with a smartphone.

App detects beacon and sends notifications to the user. The generated data is processed and analyzed.

Customer added value through relevant information and offers. Increase of loyalty and engagement.

Suggested Models for Your use Cases

The Proximity DMP can be integrated with most models of Verifone payment terminals. There are several models (shown below) which come built-in with BLE beacons that can engage with customers at the POS. There are also models which are expandable with slots that can be retrofitted with BLE hardware.

Verifone Engage


V400m; M400; P400; V400c; V200c

verifone engage