How do our customers use the Proximity DMP?

Logo McDonald's


Improvement of guest experience by providing proximity-based micro moments

Selected McDonald’s restaurants implemented a combination of proximity technologies such as Geofences, Beacons and NFC to interact and connect with their guests and to enhance the visiting experience by leading them from one micro moment to another, providing for example free mobile premium entertainment content. The Square Metrics Proximity DMP enables McDonald’s to manage the large-scaled infrastructure and execute a holistic and integrated POS targeting strategy.

Logo -Esprit


360° customer insight and increased engagement

For an international fashion retailer it is essential to optimize the cross-channel customer journey, e.g. through offering a shopping basket and loyalty program that works online, offline and on mobile. The customer receives a message about not yet bought products from the online shop when entering a store. Furthermore, Esprit is using the Proximity DMP to engage with customers inside and outside the store with messages about newly arrived products or current specials

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Consumer engagement with state of the art Square Metrics technology

With the help of localized services, analytics and monetization capabilities employed within the network, Shoplink helps to drive offline interactions on store and product level by harnessing online media and advertising campaigns. To the users, Shoplink is the shopping companion that creates value along the complete customer journey, resulting in meaningful and traceable interactions with offline, online and mobile identity.

Logo Ebebek


Optimized online and mobile advertising through instore customer data

e-bebek tracks via the Proximity DMP more than 25 beacon zones within each store.  Each set up beacon matches a product category, e.g. products for the daily demand or toys. When and for how long was a customer in a certain product category? e-bebek optimizes their marketing budgets in ad networks based on the gathered insights. They also engage with their app users inside the stores with proximity campaigns that are personalized based on customer interests.

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Rewards and access to premium services for customers

MoovCoins are collected for all modes of transport. The distance passed, is the key criteria for collecting loyalty points but also the visit of participating venues (Check-in). To improve the coffee break experience, guests can access  magazines and newspapers for free while being in one of the venues. The digital reading circle is integrated into the MoovOn app. When a guest enters a restaurant or cafe, the app detects the beacon zone and grants access to the content. When exiting a zone the permission is revoked.