Proximity DMP
Customer Analytics For The Physical World

The Square Metrics Proximity DMP gathers, processes, and analyzes data from BLE beacons, geofencing, NFC, and QR codes. This enables you to create proximity marketing campaigns, analyze real-time offline customer behavior, and manage proximity technologies. All on one cloud platform.

Beaconinside DMP Dashboard in Monitor

Our Proximity Marketing Solutions

Proximity Marketing

Our Proximity Platform lets you engage with customers in and around your store. Start your location-based marketing campaigns by targeting store location, time, mobile application, and device operating system. Select your preferred proximity technologies (BLE beacon, geofencing, NFC technology, QR codes) and manage multiple campaigns real-time.

Customer Analytics

Our platform helps retailers analyze valuable offline data collected from all proximity technologies that give you a complete customer journey. Check our insightful dashboards and live analytics to learn more how your customers shop offline. Track store visits, POS performance, and in-store interaction to better understand customer behavior and boost your store sales.

Infrastructure Management

Managing large scale proximity infrastructure in various locations can be challenging. The Proximity DMP simplifies infrastructure management so you stay in control. Set-up, configure, and manage iBeacon, Eddystone, Geofencing, NFC, and QR code infrastructures with our advanced management solution. Our cloud-based platform provides a variety of features, such as alerts, device diagnostics, telemetry data, predictive maintenance, configuration support, and beacon manager apps.

Beacon Network Sharing

You are a venue owner and you would like to provide access to your BLE beacon infrastructure? The Proximity DMP enables you to set up and share any size of BLE beacon infrastructure and provide access over the cloud and monitor the usage in a precise and effective way.

The Proximity Data Management Platform

No development effort

Our platform is offered as a cloud service. That saves you lengthy and costly implementation and maintenance efforts.

Open platform

The Proximity DMP comes with server-to-server APIs and cross platform SDKs for fast integration and data exchange.

Simple pricing

Start with a free plan for testing and pay only for the number of monthly active users. Our pricing is simple.

Vendor agnostic

A fully hardware and vendor agnostic platform. We support all BLE Beacon technologies (iBeacon & Eddystone) and custom BLE beacon advertising profiles.

Data privacy & security

We strictly comply to the new General Data Protection Regulations i.a. by avoiding the storage of personal identifiable information.

Google certified

We are a fully-certified Eddystone partners. We support the secure Eddystone-EID, Eddystone URL and Eddystone UID beacon networks.

Find out how you and your customers can benefit from our features

Proximity Marketing Use Cases

Explore how proximity technologies can drive your omnichannel marketing strategies. Request the use cases that are relevant to your business now.

Data privacy & security at Square Metrics

At Square Metrics we care a great deal about the privacy and security of data and we want to create the best possible security conditions for your customers and you. We make it our duty to always follow more security regulations and criteria than just the ones required by law.

We are glad to announce that we were awarded with the ePrivacyseal EU.


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