Proximity DMP & IntelliAd

intelliAd offers agencies and advertisers a performance marketing platform for cross media tracking and advanced optimisation of all (online) marketing activities. The intelliAd suite lets you keep track of visitors, take care of your bid management and execute dynamic attribution to gain insights into your customer behavior across different channels.

Enhance insights with location based customer data

The integration of the Proximity DMP into the performance marketing platform of intelliAd enables you to enhance your insights into your online marketing performance with location based customer activity data. All data collected by your proximity technologies is seamlessly integrated into the customer journey, allowing you to comprehend how channels interact and influence buying behavior.

  • Comprehensive cross-channel marketing
  • Optimisation of online and offline marketing initiatives on one platform
  • Location based insights used to optimise RTB
  • Programmatic advertising enhanced with offline touch points data
Mischa Rürup
Former COO

The joint beacon solution is raises marketing to a new level. We are offering our customers synergies throughout all channels and enable efficient cross-channel-retargeting. Local store visitors can be engaged online based on their interests at the store and webshop visitors can be engaged at the local store.