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The hospitality industry was one of the first battle-tested grounds for the rising sensor-based IoT trends. We have come a long way from stamping your loyalty card at the cashier’s desk. Restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theme parks, and even cruise ships benefit from location-based messaging. But lately, the industry has expanded its focus to include digital transformation practices. Of which, asset tracking proves to be a major gamechanger.

Asset tracking in hospitality industry

Asset Analytics

Real-time Enterprise Tracking


Track your employees in real-time across your facility.


Equip your staff with enterprise apps to locate valuable assets in no time.


Increase productivity by knowing where and how long staff spend their time.


Knowing where your guests and staff are at all times means you can handle unforeseen emergencies.

Customer Analytics

Give your guests a memorable experience


Push notifications to welcome guests, share online menu or exciting offers directly to their smartphones.


Setup up sensor touchpoints so guests can tap their phone and redeem loyalty points immediately.


Understand preferences via customer paths, most visited venues and average time spent in each activity area.


Integrate with your CRM to complete the customer’s Online-to-Offline journey.


Track children with BLE bracelets & receive alerts if they stray too far from safety.

Proximity marketing in hospitality industry

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The Proximity DMP provides a scalable and reliable platform for precise Customer and Asset Analytics.
On one platform you can gather, process and analyze data from BLE Beacons and gain insight to make the right decisions.

Proximity DMP provides asset tracking and proximity marketing for hospitality industry.