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Online-to-offline marketing solutions for the retail industry. Enhance in-store customer experience and build a complete customer journey.

Square Metrics helps retailers create omnichannel marketing campaigns and turns physical store visits into valuable data. Via our platform, the Proximity DMP, this data can be used to improve the shopping experience and optimize the customer journey in local stores. Set-up and manage large-scale infrastructures of proximity technologies to gather location-based data for in-store customer analytics.

We are enabling companies to improve the customer experience

Drive Store Visits with Push Notification
Sending promotions via push notification to customers when they walk near your stores.

Enhance Omnichannel Shopping Experience
Recommend new products at the POS based on customer online shopping history.

Complete Online to Offline Customer Journey
Connect Proximity DMP with online advertising platform and track marketing performance that lead to offline store visits and sales.

Interact with In-store Customers
Allow customer to learn your transparent supply chain by tapping mobile phone at smart price tag.

Join the Taylor family and learn more about customer journeys

A family, like the Taylors, has many interests and interacts daily with a variety of local businesses like shops, restaurants and even public transport. Proximity Technologies give companies the great opportunity to create an unique experience while gaining valuable information about their visitors.


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3 modules for your success

Proximity Marketing

You can engage with your customers right at the moment of their buying decision. The Proximity DMP triggers location-based campaigns and provides analytics for precise retargeting – online and offline.


Customer Analytics

The Proximity DMP enables you to analyze the collected offline data from all proximity technologies. It provides insightful dashboards about POS performance and frequency of visits.


Infrastructure Management

Set-up, configure and manage large-scale Beacon, Geofence and NFC infrastructures with our advanced management features.

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SCALABLE – Unlimited management of locations and assets

CONVENIENT – One SDK for all relevant POS technologies

SECURE – GDPR compliant & ePrivacy certified