Proximity DMP & Gigya

Gigya uses Social Login, registration-as-a-service and other features to help companies improve the digital customer experience with optimised customer identity management. With Gigya’s technology, businesses increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into rich customer profiles and provide better services, products and experiences by integrating data into marketing and service applications.

Customer Identity Enhanced with Offline Data

With the integration of the Proximity DMP the datapool of Gigya is enhanced with location based activity data. Enabling you to analyze highly personalized customer journeys and create a unique cross-channel and cross-device user experience.

  • Improve and maintain customer relationship
  • Maximize the personalization of email & direct marketing
  • Promote in-store events
  • Analyze online to offline activities to constantly improve cross channel and cross device integration
Country Manager DACH

The Proximity DMP delivers us the necessary data enhancement for customer identity, that enables us to execute event-based 1:1 Marketing at the POS. Only personalized marketing communication is relevant for the customer today. Simultaneously the integrated data helps us to analyze the online and offline customer journey.