Customer Analytics

Analyze customer behavior at any location

Customer requirements change constantly. Interact, engage and learn how customers behave when they visit your venues. Turn customer insight into actionable strategies. Retain customers and surpass their expectation.

Know your customers. Serve them better.

Analyze customer behavior in-store

Analyze customer behavior and movement


Assess passersby and visitor footfall

Websites track your clicks with cookies, similarly the Proximity DMP gives you insight into visitor footfall to your physical stores. Set-up geofences around your venues or competitor’s. Compare based on visits, dwell times or ZIP codes.


Improve Overall Customer Experience

The powerful rule engine behind the Proximity DMP allows you to precisely target push notifications by time and location. Promote personalized offers to target time of day (Happy hour), weekends, seasons, etc.


Understand Customer Behavior

Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Beacons, when combined with a mobile app, reveal how customers interact with your store. Basic analytics can indicate time spent in each aisle, heatmaps, popular paths, etc. Deep dive into advanced analytics such as a store’s popularity, impact on shopping duration, customer loyalty analysis etc.


Measure Location-based Marketing Effectiveness

Learn how many shoppers opened your push notifications and how many ignored it. With the CRM integration, you can also measure how many people viewed your online ad, eventually visited your physical store. Thus giving you an opportunity to retarget offline visitors.

Our customer analytics approaches

in-store customer analytics

Indoor Customer Analytics

Engage customers in and around any area of your venue. With BLE beacons you can reach users up to a 50m radius. When in range, the Proximity DMP collects and analyzes interaction data. For hyper localization, you can use NFC tags or QR codes on a product level.

outdoor customer analytics

Outdoor Customer Analytics

Set-up geofences anywhere around the globe: malls, high streets, public spaces, competitor stores or all around downtown. Send notifications when customers are in range. Collect and analyze interaction data based on location.

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Proximity DMP analyze customer behavior from online to offline

Proximity DMP provides a scalable and reliable platform to reach and interact with your offline customers based on location. Set up BLE Beacons and geofences to collect customer data with Proximity DMP. Analyze customer behavior from online to offline.

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