Asus Displays and the customer’s smartphone

Asus with Beacon

Soon your customers will be able to interconnect with any place and any object in the physical world. Smartphone users expect relevant information and incentives at the right moment and the right place and preferably personalized. Asus (more about the company) displays are ideal devices for digital enhancement. Leverage on the opportunity to interact with your customers via their smartphone.

Asus display with integrated Bluetooth sensor, allowing to interact with a smartphone.

App detects beacon and sends notifications to the user. The generated data is processed and analyzed.

Customer added value through relevant information and offers. Increase of loyalty and engagement.

The interaction between the display and smartphone app generates data, which can be used to analyze the effectiveness of online and mobile ad campaigns. The data can also be integrated into further systems, such as CRM or marketing platforms.

Infographics: Proximity DMP analytics on monitor