Asset Analytics

Scalable mobile asset tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Analyze movement of your assets across facilities in real-time with BLE Beacon technology. Monitoring workflows, improving worker productivity and safety, and reducing operational costs.

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indoor asset tracking, real-time locating system


Track your asset wherever, whenever

In any given workspace missing containers or misplaced tools could take hours to be located. Indoor or outdoor, your assets can be tracked in real-time using the Proximity DMP. This can save a lot of time spent on searching, picking and delivery of items.


Discover popular paths & usage patterns

Location history on asset movements or people flow can be captured and processed by the Proximity DMP. Generate insights such as relationships, patterns, and trends so you can make the right decision.


Receive Alerts on unauthorized asset movements

Upon detection of unauthorized movements of assets or employees in your facility, you will be immediately notified via desktop, or mobile channels. Create zones and zonal alerts using the Proximity DMP to keep yourself informed of last known locations.

inventory management


Evaluate asset utilization through lifecycle management

Proactively monitoring the ownership, state and live location of your inventory can save a ton of time. The Proximity DMP serves as a centralized system for you to keep record of how your asset is used, where it is located and what changes it undergoes.

Our asset analytics approaches

smartphone-based asset tracking solution

Smartphone-based Solution

A smartphone-based solution is for companies looking to learn more about the position of their valuables without investing in a complex infrastructure. With our mobile SDK, your smartphones can be turned into tracking devices. A cost-effective solution that does not require gateway installation.

gateway-based asset tracking solution

Gateway Solution

A Gateway-based solution is best employed when a rule engine is required to trigger actions based on user-defined events. Use gateways to establish zones and indoor geofences. Create rules to respond to when an asset enters or exits a designated area, in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Hybrid Solution

A hybrid solution is for those looking for the best of both worlds. Leverage both mobile devices and gateways to enable a hyper-local tracking infrastructure. Gateways will show what zone the asset is in, and with a mobile device, your asset can be located with pinpoint accuracy.

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Proximity DMP provides a scalable and reliable platform for asset tracking, asset analytics, and customer analytics

The Proximity DMP provides a scalable and reliable platform to track your assets with accuracy.
On one platform you can gather, process and analyze data from BLE Beacons and gain insight to make the right decisions.

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