Asset Analytics Use Cases

Make your business more productive


Track your asset wherever, whenever

In any given workspace missing containers or misplaced tools could take hours to be located. Indoor or outdoor, your assets can be tracked in real-time using the Proximity DMP. This can save a lot of time spent on searching, picking and delivery of items. Track your assets in a vast seaport, factories, distribution centers or wherever your valuable assets are.


Discover popular paths & usage patterns

The Proximity DMP not only helps you locate assets in real-time but you can also find out their historical positions. This gives you enough actionable insights on asset movements or people flow throughout your facility. Proximity DMP analyzes data collected by BLE tags and presents relationships, patterns, and trends so you can make the right decision. Improve your workflow, maximize asset utilization and eventually save costs in the long run.


Receive Alerts on unauthorized asset movements

Ensure that equipment or personnel stay in their designated places. Create zones and zonal alerts using the Proximity DMP to keep yourself informed asset locations. Upon detection of unauthorized movements of assets or employees in your facility, you will be immediately notified via desktop, or mobile channels. This can help prevent theft of expensive equipment and you can audit your employees for timely pickup/delivery of assets.


Evaluate asset utilization through lifecycle management

Using spreadsheets and asset management softwares for your inventory is manual and inefficient. Whereas proactively monitoring the ownership, state and live location of your inventory can save a ton of time. The Proximity DMP serves as a centralized system for you to keep a record of how your asset is used, where it is located and what changes it undergoes. Effectively making your operations more efficient.

More Asset Analytics Use Cases


Biological material such as dairy, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals are continuously in transit from production until consumption. While in transit, each produce needs to be in a certain temperature range for safety and compliance. Efficiently manage the cold chain from start to end, ensuring the products are monitored continuously with BLE sensors for temperature and other environmental factors like pressure, humidity etc.


Wearable BLE technology makes it possible to keep track of children in theme parks or other public areas. Ensure they enjoy the freedom of the open venues but at the same time stay assured that you can locate them anytime if necessary. The elderly care facilities can also benefit from staying informed and receiving alerts if anyone strays too far from safety.


Receive alerts on the worker’s surroundings in harsh working conditions. Workers in high risk areas such as mines or in the vicinity of hazardous gases should be monitored regularly for safety. Monitor their location real-time and be prepared to respond in case of threats or in need of emergency assistance.


On top of RTLS, having a panic button on persons means they always have an open channel of communication especially in cases of emergency evacuations. Send help immediately when the panic button is pressed: Patients requesting medical assistance, lone workers in remote environments or may even be used when working at great heights.


Use heat maps to identify low-density areas, popular paths, asset usage patterns within your facility. Processes such as asset or people movement in your indoor facility can be mapped on to a floor plan to identify how efficiently your space and assets are being used. Feed this occupancy metrics into your Building Climate control system to make huge cost savings in lighting, electricity and air conditioning.

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