Proximity DMP News March 2019

Beaconinside is now Square Metrics

Beaconinside’s mission has always been to enable the retail and services industry to instantly leverage the cross-technology use of location-based services with ease. Initially the company achieved customer success using beacons, eventually technologies like geofences, NFC and QR codes were added to our portfolio. Such a gradual expansion of supported technologies has been key to staying on top of current market trends but it also meant that the company outgrew its name.

Square Metrics sums up what characterizes our company and our platform: We enable companies to collect, track and analyze location-based metrics in any given area.

In February, we proudly announced our alliance with Osram. „For Osram, the company is an excellent strategic addition to our portfolio”, says Stefan Kampmann, Chief Technology Officer of OSRAM Licht AG. Square Metrics will now also add „by OSRAM“ in the logo, which makes the high-tech lighting company’s commitment all the more evident. „We are delighted that this addition to our logo will allow us to demonstrate our close cooperation with an innovative and globally operating company of long-standing tradition,“ explains Michael Kappler, Managing Director of Square Metrics. „More over, we remain available to our customers and partners and continue to provide competent and experienced support in the digitization of buildings, work processes and products as well as point-of-sale integrations.“


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