Proximity DMP News April 2018

Infrastructure Sharing made easy!

From now on you can easily share your beacon or geofence networks with other apps and your partners.
Shared networks have various advantages and do simplify projects a lot!


Benefits for everyone

  • Give other apps permanent or temporary network access to your infrastructures without losing control or data being cloned
  • Set up one marketing campaign and make it run across multiple beacon networks at the same time
  • Obtain access to 3rd-party networks to augment your location analytics and audience profiling
  • In Short: Coordinate your LBS projects with multiple stakeholders and vendors easily

Easy to set up

It just takes two simple steps: Select the e-mail address of the destination project and select one or more relevant beacon or geofence groups.

Does this work with large-scale networks? Absolutely! This feature is optimized to work with thousands of beacons or geofences. Give it a try and let us know how you would like to use it.

Up Next – Stay Tuned

⇒ April ’18Improved Android 8 support for Proximity SDK
⇒ May ’18Major redesign with full support for OSRAM EINSTONEbeacons and an overhaul of the main navigation
⇒ May ’18Finding it difficult to manage large-scale beacon networks? The new infrastructure monitoring will give you all the details about the health of your beacons including device diagnostics notifications.
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