Proximity DMP News February 2018

Better Overview, Detailed Insights!

Data Analytics is the core topic of the Proximity DMP. With the platform we became the leader in Proximity Analytics. The experience we gained from projects worldwide enables us to adapt our platform to your requirements. A short summary of the latest features:

Insightful Heatmaps

Learn more about your customers’ behaviors in the real world via heatmaps and detect spatial coherences. Where does the application of proximity campaigns pay off the most? Are there regional disparities? Which POS is frequented the most?

Real-time Tracking in the Live View

Real-time information are enabling you to act immediately and will help to optimize next accurately. As of now via the Proximity DMP data can be processed and analyzed faster. An hourly report in the Live View will display an overview of what happens at the POS at the moment. By using Webhooks the data can be directly integrated into your own systems.

Analytics 2.0: New Detailed Reports

We created four new reports, to provide faster and better overviews of visitors, location, campaign and app user data:

  • more clarity due to charts and list view
  • various filters: flexible periods; data per day, week, month or year; filter by application
  • flexible selection of particular locations or groups (e.g. all the beacons or geofences per state)
  • data export for individual analyses with Excel or Tableau etc.

Do you want to learn more?

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