Code of Conduct: Data Privacy & Data Security

We agree to the Code of Conduct : Location & Privacy

We fully commit to follow additional requirements besides the German legal data protection regulations. Nowadays data security is an important issue in almost every sector.

Code of Conduct Seal 2018

The Code of Conduct was created by the Location Based Marketing Association (LMBA) and combines legal data regulations with additional demands and regulations set by the LMBA. The aim of the LMBA is to brace the consumer’s trust in Location Based Marketing and Services.

It is an indication for the users that the company offering these services is handling their data privately. Additionally the signing companies agree to use the personal information only if the users give their consent to survey, process and use their personal data to optimize the offered services. Moreover by signing it companies commit by choice to protect the privacy security and generate transparency and fairness in the communication with the user.

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