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Gigya & Square Metrics: Better together

The Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes data from all available proximity technologies and Physical Web installations. It lets you create location-based and context-aware mobile experiences for your individual customers. One of the main benefits of our DMP are our partners. By integrating proximity insights into location-based Content Management Systems (CMS) your existing online data pools will be enriched by offline data. Connecting online data gathered by our partner CMS’s with offline data gathered within the Proximity DMP will help you to bridge the gap between online and offline in the real Customer Journey.

Gigya – a trusted partner to complete the customer journey

One of our partners is Gigya, the leader in Customer Identity Management. The company enables more than 700 companies worldwide to build trusted digital relationships. By using Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform companies are able to identify and engage customers across different devices and channels. Consolidating collected data creates rich, privacy-compliant customer profiles and integrated data enables better services, products and customer experiences. This blog post will give you an example how your business could profit of our partnership with Gigya.

Use Case: Real Time Personalization

If you already ordered our poster about The Real Customer Journey, you might remember Tim. Tim is a sports fan and is always up to date about topics and products concerning the sports industry. One day he saw a display ad for new running shoes. He click on that ad and is forwarded to the online shop of a sports store. When ordering the shoes Tim signed in with his Facebook account. The sports stores website is connected to Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform (read more) which gathers Tim’s given data. Tim’s profile can be enriched with his given likes and products of his wish list. This way the sport store may now optimize Tim’s customer journey by providing information and offers that fit his interests and needs. As Tim likes the sports store he decides to install their app on his smartphone. Next time Tim is visiting the local sports store proximity technologies may be used to create the best possible customer experience for Tim: as he found a jacket on the online shop which he put on his wish list the Customer Identity Management Platform could occasion that Tim will get a push notification triggered by a proximity technology, e.g. a beacon. This notification reminds him to have a closer look at it an to try it on. Tim decides to buy the jacket. While Tim is in the shop Gigya’s identity platform may generate further interactions through proximity technologies that fit Tim’s interests. At the checkout Tim receives a friendly notification that reminds him to collect more rewards.

Use Case: Segmentation for Campaigns

Additionally the partnership between Gigya and Square Metrics enables companies to gather information to enrich profiles over time with data about visits to a specific location. This way the segmentation within marketing campaigns could be arranged more precisely: Mark is a fan of the basketball team of his home town. He tries to support his favorite team live in the stadium at least every second month. The home matches where always hold in a multifunctional sports stadium in the the city where other sports matches and music concerts are taking place as well. As the stadium’s app lists all the upcoming events and news and sometimes offers coupons for the food stands and a system that supports the user to find a parking lot, Mark decides to download it to his smartphone. Matching the time of Mark’s location visits with the stadium’s schedule the Customer Identity Management Platform get’s to know what kind of sports he likes and which team he is supporting. With this information the stadium app operator may now send Mark information about the next games and special ticket offers.

The same scenario works out for the sports store as well: Tim became a big fan of the sports store which has about 91 brick and mortar stores all over the country. Due to the technologies the Proximity DMP is able to display which customers visited a certain location. By integrating these data into Gigya’s identity Platform it knows which of their branches is Tim’s favorite one as he is visiting the one of his hometown the most. A few month after Tim’s first visit the sport store arranges a running event. The company wants to invite every customer who is interested in running sports and who lives close to the particular branch. Thanks to Tim’s customer profile Gigya knows which of the sports stores customers could be interested in this event. Tim get’s an invitation and participates the event.

Use case: Enhance Offline Conversions

Louisa is a hard-working, fashion-addicted young lady who has to travel to different cities for her job at least once a week. As she has no time for long shopping trips she prefers to shop her clothing online. The app of her favorite brand is installed on her smartphone so she could browse for new apparel while waiting for her flight or sitting on the train. As she already bought a lot of things within the online shop all her sizes are deposited in Louisa’s profile. Two weeks ago she saw a really nice pair of shoes which she wanted to order. Unfortunately her size was not available this time. Right now two weeks later, Louisa is in another city she walks to the hotel which is located in the city center. She already forgot about the shoes but as she crosses a store of the brand she receives a notification that says: “Hi Louisa! The shoe you were interested in are available at our local store at Main Street 2, which is within walking distance. See you soon!” As Louisa has no plans for tonight she decides to visit the store. She bought the shoes and a new handbag.


Realize Your Own Offline to Online to Offline Use Case with Square Metrics and Gigya

With the integration of the Proximity DMP the datapool of Gigya is enhanced with location based activity data. Enabling you to analyze highly personalized customer journeys and create a unique cross-channel and cross-device user experience.

  • Improve and maintain customer relationship
  • Maximize the personalization of email & direct marketing
  • Promote in-store events
  • Analyze online to offline activities to constantly improve cross channel and cross device integration

These are only examples for different use cases. If you’d like to find out whether this works out for your use case as well don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.