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Micro Moments are Important within Today’s Customer Journey:

Creating Important Micro-Moments

The influence and use of mobile devices has increased over the past few years. Unsurprisingly the way we use the portable all-rounders has changed as well as an increasing relevance is attributed to them. In this way smartphones are not only interesting for a private use only but are getting more and more important for brands and marketers to get in contact with their customers.

As Google announced in a Micro Moment Guide (download here), besides some moments users don’t want to get messages from a company there are quite a few when they would prefer to get a relevant message from a company: when a smartphone user is answering a private message or mail or is sharing something on a social media platform it is very likely that he or she doesn’t want to get a message from a brand, as engaging with it is not necessary at that moment. But when the user needs help to make a decision or wants to get detailed information about a product, it is more likely that he would get in contact or accept a relevant message of a certain brand. Google calls these moments Micro-Moments.

“These micro-moments are critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends”, Google


Strategies that are necessary to regardTo win the customer in a certain micro-moments there are three simple strategies you should follow to fit the customer’s needs best:

Be There: You need to have a clear insight on how micro-moments for users in your industry could look like. This way you can be there with relevant help when those moments actually occur.

Be Useful: The messages you send your customers have to be relevant to the customer’s needs at the right moment and at the right place. You’ve got to connect them to the answers they’re looking for.

Be Quick: Time is money. Especially for mobile users. For that reason the mobile experience you want to offer has to be fast and within easy reach.


Four important Micro-Moments

According to Google Micro-Moments cover four types of moments, which are called I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy:

source: Think with Google, 2016

Statistics verify the meaning of micro moments for the customers: 82% of smartphone users are using search engines to find a local business while the “near me” search increases twice in 2015. 82% of users use their smartphone to get more information about products to make a decision while shopping.

Support your customers at the moment they need your help the most. In this way you can strengthen your customer’s loyalty by optimize your customers’ satisfaction.

Enrich the customer journey with micro moments based on offline insights. The Square Metrics Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes data from all available proximity technologies and Physical Web installations. It enables you to manage large-scale proximity infrastructures. The data won through these proximity networks lets you create location-based and context-aware mobile experiences, or so called micro moments, for your individual customers, amplifying their engagement and loyalty, while increasing your revenue.

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