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Square Metrics is the Leader in Proximity Platforms

The Proximity.Directory Report, which is provided by Unacast lists Square Metrics on second place in the worldwide listing of proximity platforms.

The aim of the report is to give industry status updates and educate the market about the proximity industry. Further each report is given a specific theme wherein details about specific areas and use cases are provided.

This year’s topic is Proximity Marketing in Retail

According to Unacast 75% of the top U.S. retailers have already implemented Beacons. Europe is adjusting. The implementation of proximity technologies has a high ROI potential, says Thomas Walle, CEO & Co-founder of Unacast.


“Smartphone users increasingly rely on their devices to do shopping and 90% of smartphone owners have at least one subscription to access coupons, promotions, and special discounts. Retailers with implemented proximity solutions are able to get a real-time overview of the customer behavior, adjust strategies accordingly, increase engagement, and boost sales. Beacon technology allows analyzing traffic pathways throughout the store and gives insights into the most frequently visited areas. Once the customer enters a certain area, coupons, promotions, and discounts are sent to drive purchases.”

The Proximity.Directory Report / Q1 2017

One of the retailer case studies described in the report is the Esprit project, that runs on the Proximity DMP.  Esprit implemented a proximity strategy to provide the customers an enhanced shopping experience in the brick & mortar stores of Esprit by offering further services and values (discounts, loyalty points etc.), engaging with the customers and to navigate them through the store.

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