Proximity DMP – New Features

New features of the Proximity DMP released this May 2017

This May we released many new features enhancing the functionalities of the Proximity DMP

Multi-App Support – analytics data from multiple apps

This feature facilitates the management of different apps in one single account

  • Individual API tokens
  • Multiple apps can be used on the same proximity infrastructures
  • Analytics data will be shown individually per app

Multi-User Support  one account, multiple users, multiple roles

One of the new features enables multiple users with different roles to access one account .

  • Manage various accounts with one login (Single Sign-on)
  • Create users with different roles and permissions (e.g. Admin, Infrastructure or Campaign Manager)

Live View  – Get your feedback right away

The live view shows analytics data of the last 24 hours.

  • Visitors overview. This features individual data for new and returning visits and beacons and geofences.
  • Visitors per hour
  • Visits map
  • Most visited regions

Webhooks – Real-time triggering of events

Webhooks are one of the most important new features. Now it is possible to push data into your marketing, business intelligence or CRM system in real-time to trigger actions based on proximity events.

  • Trigger real-time events in a 3-party system
  • Dwell times of visitors
  • Visitors entrance (Beacon Enter)
  • Exist of visitors (Beacon Exits)


All relevant metrics at one glance.

  • Number of app users. Shown individually for iOS and Android
  • Heatmap visits
  • Number of returning visitors (Loyalty)
  • Number of visitors

The Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes data from all available proximity technologies and Physical Web installations. It enables you to manage large-scale proximity infrastructures. The data won through these proximity networks lets you create location-based and context-aware mobile experiences, or so called micro moments, for your individual customers, amplifying their engagement and loyalty, while increasing your revenue. Sign-up and try it yourself!

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