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Esprit enhances the shopping experience with beacons

In today’s times, when shoppers are switching between online and offline, back and forth, it is critical for retailers and brands to embrace an omni channel strategy that covers both. Online and offline. Customers expect a smooth transition, when they leave the online shopping world and go into the physical world, but always staying connected via smartphone. Keeping it close, to use it as a digital enhancement to their physical shopping experience at any moment they need. (Google describes this as Micro Moments). Read our Esprit case study below to see how it can be done.

Enhanced shopping experiences in Esprit stores

Esprit rolled out a proximity project to tackle this topic and create an omnichannel bridge between online and offline shopping for their customers. The goal was to provide the customers an enhanced shopping experience in the brick & mortar stores of Esprit by offering further services and values (discounts, loyalty points etc.), engaging with the customers and to navigate them through the store.

Beacons were installed at entrance area, the checkout counters and specific POS’. The initial rollout carried 20 Stores (including flagship-stores and shopping outlets) and over 150 beacons. Those were configured and managed over the Proximity DMP, a proximity data management platform developed by Square Metrics. The Square Metrics SDK was integrated into the Esprit-App. Once a customer enters a physical store, the app detects the installed beacons and a message is triggered.

5 different campaigns were created to connect with the customer

  • The customer collects e-points at the checkout counter.
  • He receives messages on new products when he enters.
  • He receives information on functionalities in the app, that he can use while in the store. (One of these features is the Scan&Shop function. With this feature the customer can order sizes of a clothing piece that are not available in the store online.)
  • Reinvigorate abandoned online shopping carts, by alerting the customer that he can look at the product while in the store.

Benefits for customers and the brand

Esprit is aiming to enrich the customer journey with offline data to drive better business and marketing decisions. With the help of the Proximity DMP Esprit can not only manage the beacons, but also analyze useful data that is generated by the users, once they are in the physical store.

The DMP delivers insights on:

  • What times are preferred by the customer to visit the store
  • In which specific department do the customers dwell? How long is the dwell time?
  • How often do the customers come back to the store?
  • What is the acceptance rate of local messaging

The data is processed and analyzed by the Proximity DMP and displayed in detailed graphic views or in a dashboard for a quick overview. If you want to get more info on that case please contact us.

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