Shoplink is creating a holistic shopping experience for their app users

End of last year Shopkick announced the strategic decision to leave the German market. With that decision it is leaving a gap in the fast growing market for proximity marketing and loyalty solution apps. Now Shoplink wants to continue the legacy of the market leader. This venture is lead by Dino Scheidt, the former director retail at shopkick.

A new concept

But Shoplink doesn’t just want to carry on, where shopkick stopped. Scheidt and his team did learn from the mistakes and weaknesses of the past. It won’t just be a loyalty app. The aim is to deliver a unique shopping experience. Square Metrics’ Proximity DMP is the chosen technology for the realization of the enhanced customer experience Shoplink wants to provide. Omnichannel marketing as it is supposed to be.

Besides rewarding their user with points, when they enter a store as well as some other features, the company wants to enable the connection to partner applications – though strictly complying to all data privacy regulations. Further innovations will be the integration of augmented reality and receipt scanning in real-time. Also users will be activated through a more gamification oriented concept of the app, to enhance loyalty to Shoplink and to its partners.

This press release gives further information:

“Shoplink is a shopping app, that facilitates, rewards and enhances the shopping experience in the physical world. Shoplink users see the best shopping opportunities and offers in their surroundings and collect rewards automatically as soon as they enter a store. All parties benefit  equally from Shoplink. The user benefits through the provided information and offers, as well as through the rewards that he can turn into shopping vouchers; the retailer increases store visits and loyalty and the Brands achieve valuable product interaction at the POS.”


With its large scaled beacon infrastructure and its Proximity DMP (Data Management Platform) Square Metrics is the chosen strategic partner for Shoplink’s endeavour. The Proximity DMP enables a successful execution of location-based marketing activities, like the triggering of app functionalities at the POS or POI. How does the Proximity DMP work and how can you benefit from it?

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