Eddystone-EID for Secure Beacon Networks

We are first to support Eddystone-EID for Secure Beacon Networks

  • Integration of Eddystone-EID into product portfolio in collaboration with Google
  • Parallel launch of Eddystone-eTLM to encrypt telemetry and sensor data
  • New frame to prevent beacon harvesting and spoofing
  • Square Metrics BEACON now supports Physical Web/Eddystone-URL, Eddystone-EID, Eddystone-UID and iBeacon advertising

We support the new Eddystone frame as the first vendor in Germany

Square Metrics (www.squaremetrics.com) in collaboration with Google supports the newest Eddystone frame as the 1st vendor in Germany. It is an open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon format to quickly deploy real-world context to users with use cases ranging from indoor navigation to location-based marketing. The standard has been initially launched mid 2015 by Google and is capable of working across Android and iOS devices.

Eddystone-EID is a new, open Eddystone frame type. It is designed for scenarios where beacon deployments require granular managed access to the beacon signals, incuding privacy-and security-sensitive applications. Square Metrics’ customers in the retail and services sector benefit by an additional security layer which enables the rollout of large-scale beacon networks that multiple stakeholders can interact with. “The new Eddystone-EID is solving a key security and privacy issue with public beacon networks while enabling controlled and temporary access to 3rd-party mobile apps”, Michael Kappler, CEO Square Metrics.

New standards with better security concepts

The new frame type is based on cryptographic algorithms and uses rotating ephemeral identifiers to broadcast a more secure beacon signal, which helps prevent spoofing, malicious asset tracking, replay attacks, or unpermitted access. “A high number of beacon networks are exposed to attacks by malicious external parties. Transparency and better security concepts have to become the new standard”, Cornelius Rabsch, CTO Square Metrics.

Eddystone-eTLM is a new frame type to send encrypted telemetry and sensor data. This way beacons are becoming an important piece of the Internet of Things. The Square Metrics BEACON now supports the full Eddystone feature set and is available online.

Because of the collaboration with Google Square Metrics can help enterprise customers with the early evaluation of the open BLE beacon format. The goal is to set up future-proof and sustainable beacon networks for location-based sevices across Android and iOS.

Further information about Eddystone is available at the Google Beacon Platform.

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