Square Metrics offers Location-based Services to digitize businesses through our Data Management Platform used in over 50 countries. From Customer Analytics to Asset Analytics – the Proximity DMP covers them all.

Track & Analyze your assets or customers

Asset Analytics

Track and analyze movement of your assets across facilities in real-time for both indoor and outdoor environments using mobile tracking technology.

Customer Analytics

Drive up customer engagement in physical stores via your loyalty app. Retain your most valuable customers by analyzing their behavior throughout your venues.

Why companies choose to work with us

No Development Effort

Our platform is offered as a cloud service. That saves you lengthy and costly implementation and maintenance efforts.

GDPR Compliant

We strictly comply to the new General Data Protection Regulations i.e. by storing all data in European data centers.


A fully hardware and vendor agnostic platform. Supports iBeacon & Eddystone from any vendor for all solutions.

Real-Time Insights

Tweak your proximity marketing campaigns in real-time. Get notified in case of unauthorized asset movements immediately.

Find out how you can become an industry leader


Engage with your shoppers at the right time & place. Explore heatmaps, visit patterns and many more in-store metrics. Use the actionable insights to acquire and retain customers.


Real-time location of your assets: cargo on conveyor belts, toolboxes in a warehouse or safety equipment in a factory. 360° asset visibility across your facility.


Personalize your campaigns and foster loyalty among customers in a cinema, restaurant or hotel. Also optimize work processes by tracking on-time delivery/pickup of containers and pallets.


Track and locate medical equipments across your healthcare facility. 24/7 monitoring system that can detect & alert in case of theft.

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Drive Business with Location Technology

The Proximity DMP provides a scalable and reliable platform to track your assets or customers with accuracy. On one single platform you can gather, process and analyze location-based metrics to gain actionable insights. Make the right decisions and get results immediately.